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Pharmacy Staffing Partners Now offers computerized prescriber order entry support.


  • Prepare drug dictionary for migration to CPOE module.
  • Streamline drug dictionary entries to display properly once moved to CPOE including edits to allow proper automated dispensing cabinet delivery.  Example:  Eye drops move from ML to DROPS, Topicals moved from GM to Applications.
  • Build all initial order strings in OE dictionary.
  • Build all Pre-printed paper ordersets in OE dictionary. (including customized headers/views)
  • Build ordersets that are “Frequently ordered meds or convenience sets”  Example: PCA or Epidural with support meds, Pre-op/Post-op antibiotic set.
  • Fully prepared to build entries/sets for age groups Adults, Pediatrics, and Neonates in all levels of service (ICU).
  • Work on Rules dictionary to provide additional clinical decision support.
  • Build all items in TEST to allow for prescriber review and clinical testing.
  • Revision of needed changes based on testing and migration of all TEST items to LIVE.